Graduation photos should make you feel like yourself. No stiff poses and no forced smiles. You don’t even have to smile at all! You should be able to express yourself in the way that YOU want to in these photos, so if that means going out of our way to convey your journey through school, it will be planned. These sessions can be outdoors or at a specific location of your choosing, or we can set it up with the exact props you want to use in the comfort of your own home. One thing is certain: You deserve to feel good about this.


The years of hard work have finally led to this moment. Allow me to sum up this experience for you: You’ve already spent so long to get your degree, there is no reason to hurry in the moment of celebrating it. These shoots are not meant to be rushed, and though the locations will be chosen beforehand, exploring our surroundings is always an option to get the best out of every shot.


“Sweet” and “natural” are the two words that I apply to shoots like these. Unless planned otherwise, newborn shoots are short and simple. Some shots are taken in pure silence while others are full of sound.


These small moments are the ones that you will keep forever, so I will do all that I can to find the balance between capturing each person, each movement, and each tear.


Let's allow the kids to dance and focus on the bigger picture. Family shoots can be quite a challenge when there are a couple of goofballs that can’t stay still for too long. The one thing I can guarantee is that any concerns you have will be brought up during our first meeting, and no amount of uncontrollable energy can stop us from getting the right story to be told.

Every family has their own unique vibe!

I believe that there are different personalities to capture and different ways to approach each person. To get the best shots for your family, we will meet and discuss any details you want to display in your portraits and get to work on the ideas right away.


Why Should I Take Photos Of My Pet?

These shoots are great for remembering your little pal, as I see the portraits as bookmarks in the story you have written with them. It is also an emotional way to remember your friend when they can no longer be around. 

Sometimes there is no difference between loving an animal and loving a human being. Pets are more than just animals that live with us, they are apart of our lives for years and even considered as best friends. All of the reasons why we love having our pets are also reasons for why they deserved to be remembered in a unique form.


These sessions are at least 30 minutes long and can be taken anywhere from your front yard to the nearest park.

Wherever you decide to take the portraits, the time should never be an issue.


Short sessions are not meant to feel rushed because we will already have an idea of what to expect when showing up to the location. This option is perfect for documenting kids in doing what they love! It is also an ideal session for a small group of friends or family who are just hanging out. 

If you have any questions about any of these shoots or want more details on them, please feel free to contact me!

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